unbeatable quality - locally grown

unique specialty cut-flowers, locally grown sustainably on our flower farm 

offering one-of-a-kind classes & events

Experience the Prairie Hill Flower Co. difference

We are a private working farm and generally don't take visitors so that we can attend to all our farm duties, but, about once a month during our growing season we give the public the opportunity to experience our flowers by offering scheduled events that are exciting, unique, build community and  designed to help you tap into your creativity. 

What can we say, we love having fun here!

- You-picks
 - Workshops
- Design Classes

- Private Events
- Team-building 
- Corporate events

We are the only flower farm in Douglas County that opens our field to the public and that is why our on farm events sell out so quickly. During our growing season we offer the following activities:

Please see our ABOUT page to learn more about our farm and farming practices.

In order to attend our on farm events, we require that each attendee purchase a prepaid entrance to our events. Subscribe to our newsletter or check out our Calendar for information on all our upcoming and current classes, workshops and activities


frequently asked

We have a general idea of when we will be offering our events as we have scheduled most everything already for the year in January. However, depending on flower growth, growing season temperatures, and other factors, we may have to shift events as they get closer. Usually we know 3-4 weeks in advance. We always let our newsletter subscribers know first of our events, make sure you sign up to be the first to know. 

Due to the small class/event sizes and the popularity of them, we do not provide refunds for cancellations or no-shows. If you can no longer attend a class or event that you have pre-registered for, you may gift it to another person (please let us know who it is so that we can put them on our list) or you can forfeit your spot. 

Due to the limited number of spots in our classes, a no-show or cancellation unfortunately was a missed opportunity for someone else to come to our events. We understand that things come up, we are terribly sorry if you are no longer able to attend. 

As a mom of two young kids, this is a hard question for me. A lot of times parents/grandparents come to our events with children and are unable to both watch their kids and fully participate in our event. This makes it difficult for us as we typically have an allotted time for our event so that me and my team of helpers can return to our families for the day or accommodate another group.

Parents with kids in attendance are unable to enjoy their time here due to the need to attend their children.  Because parents are trying to work on the activity at hand, we have experienced kids who have picked all our vegetables without the knowledge of their parents and other instances that have put us in a bad situation. 

As much as we love our kids, our child policy is as follows:
Babies in a stroller or body carrier are allowed to come to the event. 
Children the ages of 1.5-6 years old, we would like to ask that you leave with a caretaker so that you can enjoy your time here at the farm. Please don't ask for an exception, yes,  all kids are different but we have to apply a restriction  that applies to everyone nd we cannot make exceptions for one or two people.
Children 7-13 are capable of enjoying our events in most cases, please see the class or event description for age recommendations and variations in options.

If you decide to bring your child against our policy, we will kindly ask you to leave and will not provide a refund. We are concerned with the safety of all who attend. 

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