we can't say enough about Lisa!
she is such a fun, thoughtful hostess and her design skills are over the top - amazing!

Being exposed to rural life while growing up, we have always wanted to live on acreage and provide a more rural life for our two young boys. After living in Parker for 16 years, we purchased our land in 2017, built the house in 2018 and in 2019 started on our chicken coop and "oversized garden" as our COVID project. As part of the rezoning process required to return our land back for Agricultural use, we opted to take a shot at growing flowers in order for us to qualify not knowing that that would be the start to something amazing!

With multiple generations of our families being farmers and gardeners in the Mid-west, little did I know that this multiple  generations of  knowledge was being passed down to me all the years my Grandpa and I planted our simple garden in the back yard of our house in Aurora. This invaluable knowledge has turned into be a bigger gift than I recognized at the time. 

Owner - Prairie hill flower co.

I'm Lisa

Our farm is home to not only my Husband and I, but our two young sons and our Black Labrador named Lily. Along, with us, we have a small herd of goats, a flock of chickens, a turkey named Wall-e,  several ducks and multiple hives of  bees. 

We work hard to make sure that we are continuing to keep our land a safe place for us all to live so we  strive to practice sustainable farming practices, free from pesticides, harsh chemicals, insecticides and inorganic fertilizers. Our goats and chickens eat a lot of the left over plan material at the end of our season and in turn provide us with the natural elements that we add back into the soil for next years crop. 

Born and raised in Aurora, I have not moved far from where I grew up. Parker has always been a big part of my story and I am glad to be a part of this community.

Our Flower Farm

Our Flower Farm

When you look through our photos, you will see that our eye-catching designs set us apart from other Florists. The reason is because we create designs that are specifically coordinated so that all the elements within an arrangement (color, texture, flower type) are all perfectly balanced and work together.

Training under some of the best floral designers in the industry; Joseph Massie, Sarah Wahhab - Mulberry & Moss, Amy Balsters - The Floral Coach, as well as becoming a Certified Floral Designer, our designs are consistently stunning and our quality beyond compared.

Our flowers are consistently receiving compliments and our level of customer service is incomparable to that in our area. We are working hard to provide you with the best floral experience that we know you won't find from any other florist around. Learning is always a top priority here, we are committed to you and your support of our small business!

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